Steady.Finance is community meme-coin yield farming project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users will be able to farm the BSTDY token by providing liquidity to BSTDY liquidity pools, and by staking the BSTDY token.


Steady.Finance will initially be available for $1 with $1000 of BUSD- BSTDY liquidity on Pancakeswap. There is a hard cap of 100,000 BSTDY tokens.


2021 Q1:

· Raise funding of up to $4000 through BSTDY sale.

· Remove initial liquidity to fund contract development.

· Farming and staking go live!

2021 Q2:

· More Liquidity farms.

· Increase community engagement through meme competitions and airdrops.

2021 Q3:

· NFTs…

Token address: 0x8a0a8f8635e042944143901c8cf12f4641420b1a

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